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Our previous success was strictly based on good planning, a well orchestrated and structured advertising strategy. 2 Bu$y Ent. strategy is niche tactic of continuously perpetuating and concentrating our messages in the areas where our research had shown our likely potential clients, e.g., our research has shown that in Benin City (BC), Port Harcourt (PH) and others cities that the most likely visitors would be between 18 and 35 years old of which display and depict a Big Brother Nigeria kind of potential guests. The population distribution can, therefore, be categorised as students, graduates, postgraduates and other employ members of 10-100k monthly earners of the vast society. The advertising strategy would constantly be underpinning the prize money of (35M) to be won at the event. we can, therefore, guarantee a successful tour. 


All our merchandises like Bill Boards, Flyers, Posters, News Papers, on our Facebook page, Twitter handle, Instagram page, Instablog9ja, and other media outlets. 2Bu$y Ent. will also be branding buses, vans and cars. With the branded vehicles would be patrolling in the aforementioned cities two weeks before the show commenced. Due to the extensive and expansive publicity of the raffle party, local and national media houses will be there to reports about the event, in this regards, the 2Bu$y Ent. would be collaborating with the local and national TV stations including print and social media in all the aforementioned cities for branding and advertisements. 2Busy Ent. can assure you that your investment on advertising with us will catapult your organisation to higher heights and broaden your horizon thersfore boost your profitability. We shall vigorously promote and certainly broaden your acquaintance degree within the aforementioned cities and beyond.  


We urge firm within and outside Nigeria use this event as a great business opportunity to expand their horizon within the diaspora communities. The Bridge events will be promoted in cities like London, Manchester, Liverpool, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankurt, Cologne, Munich, Amsterdam, Brussels, Antwerp, Torino, Milano and Hamburg. In the United States, Houston, Dallas, New York, Toronto, and Los Angeles. In all aforementioned cities, 2Busy would be promoting the event through flyer and posters in local Nigeria restaurants and hangouts. 

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