Scout selection.

The process of selection

2Busy Ent. would be vetting and selecting a panel of jurors before the ending of the grand finale in Lagos. The process: a juror would then be asked to pick a party guest from the crowd in Lagos (grand finale). The party guest, in turn, would be guided to pick one card from bunches and then give the picked card to juror who will then announce the winner for the third runner-up for the 5 million Naira winning prize, this process will continue to the second runner-up for 10 million and subsequently, to the first runner-up for the 20 million Naira winning prize.
Note: At the inaugural of the events in Benin city, five people will be selected to win each N20.000,- Naira and still get to keep his/her tickets for the grand raffle draw on the 14.12.2019 in Lagos. The gesture would be replicated in all twenty cities.

Note: our ushers, workers, CFOs, CEOs, MDs, and others like security personnel, artist and their guests would not be allowed to participating in any of the draws. This assertion clearly stipulates that 2Bu$y Ent. is people committed.

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