Past Events Organisational Experience

Past Events Organisational Experience

Organising Shows for one of the biggest radio stations in Germany, Radio Hamburg and the biggest radio station in Europe, Energy radio. Events in German cities like Kiel, Bremen, Bevern and Schwerin, Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg, Darmstadt; Turnout: about. 6000 paid guests per show. We would want you to know that the Make Me Rich Raffle would be successful because we have done similar events before especially in the cities like Hamburg. Our previous exuberant exotic events were spectacular to the core. In order to convince you of our managerial cognitive competencies, please see the following events we have done before in Germany.

Stars and Artist who had performed at our Events

• MOP ( Universal Records )
• Foxy Brown ( Def Jam Records )
• Tony Touch ( Louds Records )
• Fatman Scoop ( Universal Records )
• Funkmaster Flex ( BMG Records )
• DJ Kool ( Arista / Elektra Records )
• Alcoholics ( Virgin Records )
• Dj Camillo ( Undeas Records )
• Keith Sweat ( Elektra Records )
• D-Flame ( Universal Records)
• Samy Deluxe ( Universal Records )
• Ferris MC ( Universal Records ) und
• Hamburger Hill ( Universal Records)
• Truth Hurts ( Aftermath )
• Redman
• Superstar LL COO J
• Superstar Eminem
• Destiny Child after show party
• Mary J Blige after show party
• D12 and etc

Our References of past Functions and Concerts:

[Location]———- [Events] ———– [Nr. of Visitors] ———- [Datum] ———– [Ort]
{Cafe ´ Keese}——{Silvester}—————-{4100}————{31.12.03}———–{Hamburg}
{ cap San Diego }-{ Black vibration}———-{2500}—————{26.02.00}——{Hamburg}
{Neue Flora}———{Oster party}——–{4000}——————{20.04.00}———{Hamburg}
{CCH}—————–{ Night Fashion}————{7000}———{09.06.00}———{Hamburg}
{Mercedes Forum}{ Virgin Night}–{7000} ———————-{16.09.00}———-{Stuttgart}
{Forum am Schlosspark}–{Players Ball}——{3800}——-{02.09.00}———{Ludwigsburg}
{Natirx}——-{Konzert von Truth Hurts}——-{4000}———–{16.08.00}——-{Darmstadt}
{Bierhaus zielletal}—-{Weekly/Club}–{2500}– {Hamburg} and many more. In a nutshell over 2 million visitors in past two decades.

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    I just wanna say we had a great time at your show in BC. Keep the good work and l hope I am the price winner lol .

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